At Cleveland Industrial Training Center our purpose is to inspire a student's learning and creativity through the accomplishment of his/her professional goals, resulting in initial or advanced opportunity in the field of CNC Machining.

There is never anything wrong with hard work!

At CITC we know and appreciate the value of effort and good old-fashioned elbow grease.

But this isn’t your grandfather’s factory! If your skill level is here:
It really needs to be here
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Having the ability to work harder AND SMARTER, using all the technology available is what modern-day manufacturing is all about. Without these tools and trained people to use them, the nation, region and you as an individual cannot compete. The technology IS available to manufacture products faster, to make them right the first time and at lower cost.

How do we know this?

Just read all About Us and you will see our history, not just as a CNC training center, but a CNC manufacturing company that has delivered quality products to customers for over 30 years. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HANDS-ON TRAINING in an actual manufacturing facility. This also helps explain why CITC job placement is so successful. Our relationship with the local manufacturing community goes beyond training. They also know us as a trusted source for quality CNC machining work, prototype engineering and on-time delivery.

Our CNC Swiss Machine Operations/Set-up Program is the only one of its kind in Ohio.

We invite you to review our machine program descriptions below :
  • CNC Programming/Operations-Machine Tools

  • CNC Swiss

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