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Be honest.... Could your CNC department use some training? Are you losing productivity because of it? How about excessive scrap loss, broken tooling or the occasional machine crash? Do you have the time, people or machines to conduct training? View a description of our CNC Programming & Operation/Machine Tools Program.

Are you transitioning to CNC Swiss Technology and having trouble training your existing machinists? However, training models for manufacturing are really changing and flexibility is the key. Our unique accelerated, 4-day Swiss CNC Mentoring Program fulfills the training needs for those who, due to distance, cannot send their employees to our 5-week class. Here’s how the mentoring program works.

Industrial Maintenance Managers... How well do your employees know how to troubleshoot issues involving CNC controllers? What about ladder logic? Do they understand the electrical and environmental issues that affect machine capability? View a description of CNC Troubleshooting - Fanuc Controls and our Fanuc Advanced Ladder Logic courses.

HR Directors... Are you wasting time and money searching for suitable employees? See how CITC can find the right CNC professional for your company with our FREE Job Placement Service Is your pre-employment testing working, or does it even exist? Learn more about our Pre-Hire Testing Services.

Cleveland Industrial Training Center
is the solution to your problems!

What are manufacturing professionals saying about CITC?

George Prucha/Director of Human Resources , Presrite Corp.

"We at Presrite Corporation consider Cleveland Industrial Training Center to be one of our most valuable resources when it comes to finding well-trained CNC personnel. The training staff at CITC has always been accommodating to our needs when it comes to meeting our staffing requirements. As a Human Resources professional, I personally like the unique blend they offer to their students when it comes to instructing both the technical aspects of the job as well as soft skills training.

The CNC training program at Cleveland Industrial Training Center is working for Presrite and the partnership we have build together has afforded us the opportunity to keep up with the current demand for skill labor.

To all the staff at CITC...keep up the good work!"

Marc Klecka/President, Concentric Corporation

"CITC has identified the number one need in the growing northeast Ohio (NEO) biomedical manufacturing industry...skilled high precision swiss-type machine operators. CITC's creation of a swiss-type machinists training program will help define NEO as a real player in the global medical and high precision manufacturing arena. The swiss training module is a natural extension of the proven CITC conventional CNC training model."

Ken Kovalchik, Eaton Corporation

"The Eaton Corporation Euclid facility contracted with the Cleveland Industrial Training Center to perform CNC training with employees who had minimal or no CNC experience. After the completion of their 40 hour training session, the students learned the skills to perform basic set-ups on both mills and lathes, set tooling, and G-code programming. These students now have the skills to fill internal job openings as entry level machinists. I would highly recommend C.I.T.C. and their staff for any of the Industrial Training courses that they currently offer."

Adam Gent/President, The Gent Machine Co.

"The Cleveland Industrial Training Center is one of the best resources for Cleveland's manufacturing talent. I actually think it's an untapped resource. Some of our top employees have come from CITC and their training has prepared them well. They show upon the first day able to read blueprints, read and use micrometers, and understand basic machining principles. With the addition of their CNC Swiss Machine Operator Training class, CITC will continue to be our first stop when searching for qualified individuals."

Edward Thomas, Maintenance Supervisor, Joy Mining Corporation

"I would recommend this training (CNC Fanuc troubleshooting, Ladder logic) for all my maintenance employees."

Jeff Jenkins, President, Fidanza Performance, Perry, Ohio

"As a word of encouragement to you, your training class has had a very large impact on my employee and has been a real benefit to my company. With what Brian learned we are able to get so much more out of our software and we are writing new programs almost constantly. I want to thank you and Cleveland Industrial Training Center for offering these types of focused training classes along with your normal curriculum."

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