Cleveland Industrial Training Center Inc

Accelerated CNC Swiss Set-Up Mentoring Program
32 hours (Monday-Thursday)

Your employee is NOT new to CNC but is relatively new to Swiss CNC. Perhaps they want to take the next steps to set-ups and programming. We will pick a week that works for all concerned (Flexibility is the key) and your employee will work side by side with our experienced Swiss programmer and set-up instructors on actual set-ups for the duration of the week.

In addition to what we cover in the weekly plan you have the opportunity to add topics or have greater emphasis placed on particular areas. Again……flexibility is the key. Plus, your machines are not tied up with training. A final exam will be administered but more importantly, a checklist of demonstrated competencies will be provided. Because group sizes are small, possibly even one-on-one, a great deal of material can be covered.

Schedule flexibility….check
Content flexibility….check
Documented competencies…..check
No loss of machine production time…..check